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About Us

Saa-let APS (Sow Easy)

Saalet was founded in 1985 by Helge Petersen, the famous garden expert, featured in TV and radio.

The Founder

Helge Petersen grew up on a farm in Norway and became a garden celebrity in Denmark.
His passion for gardening combined with the need for a simple sower for his vegetables became his first patented invention: The “Saalet Super Seeder”.
The seeder is now sold as the “Easy Sower”.

The Easy Sower is produced 100% in Denmark and more than 100.000 pcs have been sold globally.

His second invention is the Hydromat drip irrigation system with patented flow regulating valve.
It is the near perfect irrigation system for domestic greenhouses.

In 2012 Saalet was passed on to the next generation and Helges grandchildren also work in the company.
Saalet is 100% owned by Grow Industries ApS, Denmark.