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Saalet ApS - Company information and history

Saalet ApS
Vestergade 24 C
8860 Ulstrup

Ownership: Grow Industries ApS
CEO: Kenneth Pilheden
Legal ownership: Kenneth Pilheden 100%

Who we are

Saalet ApS is Danish manufacture of garden tools. We produce the Hydromat drip irrigation system for domestic greenhouses and The Easy Sower which is the original Super Seeder / Seed master.

Saalet ApS is a family company run by 3 generations. We enjoy working together and making great products for our customers.



Based on Helge Petersen seed sower invention, Saa-let was founded with investment from foundation. He continued to work as garden architect and write books.

Helge Petersen grew up in Norway on his father’s farm as the youngest of 11 children.


Helge invents his first irrigation system “Vand-Let”. It was produced by a company owned by is brother in Norway. This company was sold and production moved to Denmark.


Helge invents a new and improved drip irrigation system; The Hydromat. When the thermostatic valve was added it became Hydromat Thermo.
The Hydromat which is produced today is highly based on his original design.
During this periode Helge is also very active doing garden tours in England, writing books and hosting his radio program; “Grønne glæder” meaning The joys of gardening.
The seed sower was shown on national TV and yearly promotion at Spoga Gaffa in Cologne. Sales expanded to Sweden, Germany, France and UK.


Saalet ApS was purchased by Grow Industries ApS owned by former son-in-law Kenneth Pilheden. The company was moved to Ulstrup, a small town in the middle of Jutland.
Kenneth has known Helge Petersen for more than 25 years and helped with R&D and production.
Saalet ApS is a family operated enterprize with Kenneth’s father, mother and 2 older children working in the production.
“We enjoy working together and my father has a long career as factory manager so so he knows how to handle us :-)”.
Kenneth has a background in engineering and has designed plastic parts for large corporations prior getting into sales and marketing.
Helge still comes by to visit and we all enjoy his stories and take advantage of his incredible knowledge about plant care.