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The Hydromat® drip irrigation system is a irrigation kit that delivers nutrients and water to your plants at regular intervals. Instead of watering manually, the hydromat drip irrigation system will use a network of feed and drip lines to deliver water to the plants automatically. This system can help minimizes waste while ensuring optimal nutrient levels. The Hydromat is great for both beginners and experienced gardeners. The watering cycle will fertilize and preheat the water before each watering interval. This will help keep your plants healthy by avoiding temperature shocks and allowing your soil to breath.
The Hydromat is perfect for domestic greenhouses and the kit includes 50 drip spots making it very cost effective per drip spot. 

If you want more drip spots each Hydromat can be extended up 100 drip spots. 

Automatic food factory:
With the Hydromat system you can have an almost 100% automatic plant based food production for your family.

avatar Ekstra feed tube 10 meters
avatar Flow regulating valve for Hydromat
avatar Drip stake for driptube
avatar Y connector
avatar Distributor pipe for 5 drip tubes
avatar Ekstra drip tube 15 meters
avatar Hydromat drip irrigation kit
avatar Air vent made with ekstra feed tube 10 meters