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Hydromat – Drip System for Greenhouses

Hydromat drip irrigation system kit

Hydromat – Drip System for Greenhouses

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Automatic Drip Irrigation System for domestic greenhouses.
1. Adds fertilizer
2. Preheats water
3. Waters in intervals
4. Automatically adjusts flow to temperature
5. Weeks of maintenance free plant care
6. No power or batteries needed.

GTIN: 5708762130014


The Hydromat drip system for Greenhouses is an amazing automatic drip irrigation system which will feed and water your plants at regular intervals. The unit consists of a fertilizer tank and mixing tank with complete distribution system for 50 drip spots. The kit includes everything you need for a typical domestic greenhouse.


  • Automatic Drip Irrigation System
  • Feeds and Waters Your Plants automatically
  • Perfect for 8-12 m2 greenhouses
  • Complete kit with tank, hoses, Y Connectors, and drip stakes for 50 drip spots
  • Easy installation

1 pcs bracket for mounting
1 pcs fertilizer container
1 pcs mixing container
1 pcs pr0tective cover for fertilizer container
1 pcs Thermo valve
10 meters Ø8 feed tube
30 meter Ø2 drip tube
50 pcs drip stakes
10 pcs drip distributors
5 pcs plugs
5 pcs Y connectors

Hydromat kit

Additional information

Weight 1.47 kg
Dimensions 290 × 220 × 260 mm
Country of origin

Made in Denmark


3917.23.10 90

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