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How to install the Hydromat drip irrigation in a typical greenhouse

Hydromat kit

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1. Mount bracket (B) at eye level 150-200 cm. Leave minimum 25 cm free space above the bracket.

2. Place black mixing container (A) in the bracket with bottom tubes towards back keeping side hole accessible.

3. Mount float (D) on fertilizer container (C). Choose the short moving slot.

4. Place fertilizer container upside down on top of the mixing container.

5. Cut drip tube (H) in equal lengths of 50 cm. Cut at 45-degree angle in both ends using a sharp scissor. Cuts must be clean without bures.

6. Press 1 drip tube into each hole of the drip connectors.

7. Connect a drip stake to each end of the drip tubes pulling the tube through about 3-5 cm.

8. Connect a Y fitting to the 2 tubes coming out the bottom.

9. Connect the main feed tube to the Y fitting under the mixing container. Y piece and feed tube must be vertical.

10. Run the feed tube to the ground and past all plant areas with plants.

11. Cut feed tube where you have plants so each plant will get 2-3 drip stakes depending on plant type.

12. Connect a drip connector or Y piece to the cut tube.

13. Place the drip stakes near the plants so they drip about 3-5 cm from the trunk of the plant.

14. End the feed tube with a drip connector plugged with red plug or add a air vent tube.

15. Connect a length of feed tube to the valve and end it with the white hook. Pushing the long end into the tube minimum 1 cm.

16. Place the hook into the side of the mixing container.

17. Connect valve to water outlet.

18. Open water and valve to fill mixing container. Fill faster the first time by filling directly from garden house or bucket.

19. Check that all drip spots are working or help with included bubble remover.

20. Adjust the flow by taking the white hook out and letting the water run through flow adjuster cup.

21. Add fertilizer after a few days of operation. Use a concentrated liquid fertilizer suited for your plant types.

The Hydromat waters your plants in intervals using releasing 1.6 liter with a small amount of fertilizer in each cycle. It can supply maximum 100 liters water/day.